About us

The Binding of Luca Natalizia is a leader in the international scene in the design and manufacture of particular objects and refined. The products are in fact characterized by the search for a style that traces the history through a study of models that, in past centuries, have dominated the fashions and tastes who cares: the revival of historical lines for a modernized 'in use' modern era is behind the creation of many objects in the catalog:

  • In the category dedicated to the bindery are diaries, address books, diaries, special registers for hotels, exhibitions and other events, all distributed according to the original lines that are characterized by the materials that are coated (such as skin or card details) or dimensions that allow for their use in many situations;

  • For those who love writing the catalog has a long list of pens and nibs, as well as collections of paperweights and lenses for reading, and all refined products in their original finish and in their details;

  • Grants both working for leisure, are made in Italy of beautiful objects made by hand, with a wide choice for the size and color of the skin;

  • Other special items are the series that proposes 'the old writing' with stamps, special characters ink, pen and ink, in addition to the refined old-style cards.

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